Our Philosophy

The Learning Tree School believes that children learn and grow in a creative, hands-on and nurturing environment that engages their curiosity of our world.  We strive to instill in children respect for others, an appreciation for diversity and a self confidence for their overall success into school.

Our History

Judy Allen began The Learning Tree School in 1968 and through her success it has had the opportunity to teach multiple generations in historic East Dallas. The Learning Tree staff consists of previous students and many students are children of previous students. 

Ms Judy Allen - Founder

Founder of The Learning Tree School, Judy Allen has been a teacher of young children for more than years and a workshop instructor for many more years.  She is co-author of "Cultural Awareness for Children," a teacher's resource book used in universities throughout the U.S. and abroad.


As a member of the Center for US/USSR Initiatives, she taught in schools in the former Soviet Union and in Lithuania two years, and presented at a seminar at the Teachers Pedagogical Institute in Vilnius, Lithuania.

She has been involved in work with orphanages in Russia and China for the past 16 years, helping to establish The Foster Grandmother Program at a children's hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia.  She also visited schools in Venezuela.


Judy brings these worldly endeavors to sculpt the school in which she founded for the betterment of the children.

Today, Ms Judy is joined by her daughter, Ms Dandi Weiss, and her granddaughter, Ms Nikki Weiss (a former student), to carry the ideals of this school for generations to come.

Our Staff

Ms Dandi (Weiss) Mehringer

Ms Dandi is our business manager and classroom assistant.

Ms Jane

Ms Jane leads music and also teaches alongside Ms Dandi in the 2-year-old and 3-year-old classes.  Her dedication to the school has created for some amazing little musicians and signers!

Ms Ruth Ramirez

Ms Ruth teaches 2-year-old and 3-year-old classes. Ms Ruth is a Spanish speaking dual language teacher who loves being able to bring dual language speakers to the Learning Tree School.

Ms Nikki (Weiss) Durtschi

Ms Nikki Durtschi teaches our Primer class alongside Ms Rachellee and has an active role in summer camps and school events. Ms Nikki is our school Director and runs daily operations as the The Learning Tree.

Ms Rachellee Chandler

Ms Rachellee teaches our Primer kids (4-5yo) and prepares them for Kindergarten. She and Ms Nikki work in tandem for our Primer kids and make an amazing team.

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