The Learning Tree School Primer
Ms Nikki & Ms Rachellee

This program is open five days a week from 9a to 2p.  It is designed to provide an environment for children to polish their social skills, build a solid academic foundation and foster a good self concept while participating in unique class experiences.  This class serves as a Pre-K to prepare children for kindergarten.  

Ratio is 16 children : 2 teachers



Ms MaryBeth & Erin


This program is five days a week.  As children grow they learn through exploration.  Teachers assist children by providing a stimulating environment as well as a variety of experiences.  


Ratio is 14 children : 2 teachers

The Learning Tree School 4yo


Ms Heidi or Ms Ruth


This program is three days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).  Children have individual levels of development that are determined by their social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs.  The goal of our three-year-old program is to help each child grow and develop in all these areas.

Ratio is 12 children : 1 teacher, 1 aide

The Learning Tree School 3yo


The Learning Tree School 2yo
Ms Heidi & Ms Ruth


This program is two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays).  We believe two-year-olds need the opportunity to be with other children and to begin to learn to be part of a group.  Our goal is to provide an enriching environment where optimal social growth and motor development can occur.  


Ratio is 9 children : 1 teacher, 1 aide



The Learning Tree School Summer Camps
Learning is Fun All Summer Long!


The Learning Tree Summer Camps are favorites for our students as well as many of those that have graduated and come back as helpers!