All About Chickens!

Hi Friends, I wanted to share with you all about chickens. You find chickens on a farm or a ranch, but some people also raise chickens at their house. My aunt shared pictures and a video of her chickens. They were born at the beginning of March, so they are almost 2 months old! For the first month they stayed in a trough with a heat lamp to keep them warm. Last week they got to go outside for the first time and feel the grass and see the big world. They also got to have a special snack of spinach, tomatoes and the tops of strawberries. They LOVED the strawberries. They are all female chickens that in a few months will start to lay eggs. The four different types of chickens lay different colored eggs. The black chickens lay blue eggs, and the tan chickens lay brown eggs.

The chick starts in an egg as an embryo and grows inside the egg for 21 days. After that the egg will hatch and out comes a baby chick. Then they will grow up into a chicken. Girl chickens are called hens and boy chickens are called roosters. I have attached a video of the chickens and an activity for you to do about the life cycle of a chicken, a book your parents can help you put together, and a coloring sheet! Have fun!

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