Hi Friends! Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and I wanted to share with you a few ideas to celebrate! What's more fun than having a patriotic t-shirt and necklace to wear? I made a folder titled Happy Fourth that has an example of the necklace and the t-shirt. All you need are red, white, and blue beads and a straw. Cut the straw into small pieces and then you can string the beads onto the necklace and add the straw pieces intermittently. For the t-shirt you need a white t-shirt and red and blue paint. Have your parents paint your hand blue and they can press it onto the shirt, then paint the red stripes. Parents it might be a good idea to tape off the shirt to guide them on where the lines should be. I also included a USA scavenger hunt. You and your family can work together on this fun activity! Don't forget to write down all that you find! A "Books About America" list is also included with some of Ms. Judy's very favorite Patriotic books. To access The Happy 4th file click the link at the top called Home Learning then click on worksheets at the top. Hope you enjoy these ideas and have a fun, safe Fourth of July!

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